BHA07-StoryOf SwindlerChetty
Bharathiayar Stories
Madurai Project. Article in Tamil
Translation: Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
Rasika Sirōmani: "Where did I stop the story last time. It does not come to me in a flash. If you remember, tell me."
The peacock reminds the donkey as follows: "Swindler Chetty was the employee of Madurai Manikka Chetty, misappropriated large amounts of cash and sent the boss a false account. Wishing to recoup the loss, Madurai Manikka Chetty called the Brahmana boy Māni Ayyan and asked him to go to Tanjore. This is where you stopped the story. Tell me the rest of the story.
Rasikasirōmani narrated the story as below.
Mannikka Chetty says,''Ayyarē! You have to go to Tanjavur immediately. There everyone knows who Swindler Chetty is and where he lives. You should cultivate his friendship and be close to him. He sent false accounts. He must have the genuine account book in consideration of his wellbeing. You must bring that accurate account to me by any artifice."
Māni Ayyan said, "No need for second thoughts. I will complete my job and return with a true account of the business." Receiving money for his personal expenses, Ayyan came to Tanjavur. He shaved his head and sported a bald pate. He put on ochre clothes. He arrived at Chetty's place.
It was the afternoon. Chetty ate some snacks, drank water, and chewed beetle leaf and areca nut as an after-dinner mouth freshener.
Ayyan saying, "Narayana, Narayana," sat before Chetty and meditated with closed eyes. He went into Samadhi. He opened his eyes ten minutes later. Chetty fell prostrate at his feet and asked him, "Wherefrom are you? What is the purpose of your visit to this Adiyēn's (servitor) humble home?
Sannyasi tells him, ''My home is Tiruvengadu. I have the bowl given by Vimalar." That is what Pattinathar said once upon a time. All towns are our towns. All countries are our country. This world is mere names and forms. They are all false. I was born and raised in Mylapore. By Guru's grace, I was living in the Pūvāsiramam. I hear you are the favorite of the Sadhus. I am here just on a visit to you. Nothing you can do for me. If you think I could do something, let me know."
Chetty deliberated for a few minutes and said, "Are you an expert in astrology? Sannyasi with a smile: ''A little bit.''
Chetty said, "I did an act in haste. I can't tell it was an illegal act. If you harm a parrot, it is a sin. If you hit a fox, is it a sin? In one way, what I did was a good deed. Would I be subject to any reprisals? I have that fear. In this matter, Swamy should tell me whether any unpleasant aftereffects come in my way.
Sannyasi closed his eyes and uttered something in sotto voce. He opened his eyes and said, I will tell you later." Māma suffers loss. Tha. Ko (Chetty) gets his profits.
Having heard this prediction, Chetty wanted to test the Sannyasi once he learned of a profit for him and a loss for Manikka Chetty. Chetty addressed the Sannyasi, "Swami! It does not make sense to me. Explain to me more."
Sannyasi said, ''Chettiar! Astrology, I do not utter. I know only Brahmavidya. All else is useless knowledge. Yakshini Devi, seated on my tongue, reveals these astrological predictions. We do not pay attention to these pointers. If you pay attention, it makes sense sometimes. At certain times, it makes no sense. The hearers must make sense out of them based on the circumstances.
Chetty felt good about Yakshini Devi's timely benevolence, developed faith in Yakshini's soothsaying, and felt ecstatic. He developed a deep sense of respect for the Sāmiyār.
13. He asked the minions to bring a plate full of various fruits and boiled and cooled milk for placement before the Swami and said, "Please bless me with the sacred ambrosia."
Sannyasi ate half a banana and half a cup of milk and said, 'Enough."
Chetty said obligingly, "If the Mutt or the temple needs any help, I will make cash contributions on your order."
Swamiyar nodded and said, "Brahmam is Satyam in the world. Where is Mutt or temple? Bhagavan remains in the cave of the heart. All are inside. I don't need anything from you. "
A worker came to Chettiar and announced, "Karumbanur Kathavaraya Kavirayar (KKK) has come to see the master. "
Chetty asked Swamiyar, "Can I admit him?"
Sannyasi: ''I have no objection.''
Chetty: ''Let him come in.''
The threesome held a conversation.
KKK: "Wherefrom is Swamigal?"
Sannyasi: For a sanyasi, no place, no home.''
Chetty: "He is the ocean of Jñāna. Incantation is his form and holy temple. Swami knows the past, the present, and the future. "
KKK: "That is the meaning of grammar."
Swamigal: A true recluse should not stay in one place not more than a day. He should not eat in a house more than once. Brahmam is One. The world is many.
Chetty: "Brahmam is One and Brahmams are a multitude: A progress from One to many.
What you said is grammatical. I will tell you the meaning.
Chetty: Alright. Let us go forward.
Swamigal: A Sanyasi can stay in one place during the monsoon. The sky is the roof; the earth is the cot; the mattress is the outdoors; the dew is the sandalwood paste; the cold water… O Kavirayar, are you paying attention?"
KKK: ''Let me compose verses extempore. Done, here it is.''