Bharathiayar Stories
Madurai Project. Article in Tamil
Translation: Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
1. Madhukandikai, the peacock, tells the story. Rojappu & the Prince
1. Knowing the desire of the baby snake, the Muni said, "You will have a human appearance whenever you desire. Whenever you develop fear while speaking to a person, you should not remain with him too long. You must depart immediately; otherwise, you will sustain death by his hands."
2. One day, she donned in girl's clothes, went into the royal gardens, and stood where the prince was sporting in the Moon Courtyard. Astonished by her beauty, the prince asked her who she was.
3. The baby snake impersonating a princess: "Sinhala Raja's daughter." Taken aback, the prince said to her," What, Sinhala Rajyam. At this time of the night. Who did accompany you? You are alone by yourself."
4. Rojappu replied, "A Muni taught me a Mantra. Helped by the Mantra, I was flying as usual and saw the courtyard under the moonlight. I came here to take in the sights."
5. Enchanted by her beauty, the prince said, "You look like a celestial beauty or Snake Kannikai." When she heard those words, she started to shiver.
6. The prince: "Why are you so afraid?"
7. Roja remembered Muni's words of caution. Thinking of the lurking danger, the baby snake hurried out in a trice.
8. Once, in the evening in a treeless wasteland, Rojappu stood near a deep well beside the forest path. A foreigner and a handsome purohit were walking along. As soon as she saw the Purohit far away, the snake changed its appearance to a beautiful girl. The Brahmin stopped and noticed the timeless beauty alone by the forest. He wondered who she could be.
9. Rojappu called him and said, "Ayare! I am thirsty. I am afraid to go down the well. Will you please fetch me water from the well? You will earn a mother lode of merits."
10. The Brahmin youth noticed a water snake in the well. He turned to Rojappu and said, "Have you seen the snake in the well? Rojappu was shaking all over the body and perspired.
11 The Brahmin asked her, "Why are you shaking like a  windblown leaf?" Rojappu hurried out of there quickly. Whoever she tried to entice, there was an imminent danger. At last, Sanyasi Karththapa Swamigal came under her influence.
12. As Madhukandikai the peacock narrated the story, Rasika Sironmani asked, "Who was that Sannyasi?"